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Features & Pricing

The Taskopia task management system consists of three core concepts; Teams, Projects and Tasks. Our structured approach means you can't create tasks without having a project to assign them to, and you can't create projects without first being a member of a team. Below we'll take you through these three fundamental blocks upon which Taskopia is built.


Taskopia doesn't just let you add new members to your team; it allows you to recreate the complete hierarchical structure of your business. Manager's can assign tasks to both themselves and their team members and Taskopia supports unlimited hierarchical team depth, no questions asked.

Team Example

Another key feature of Taskopia is that one account here allows you to be a member of multiple teams; if you're a freelance worker (for example) there's no need to have a different login for every client you work with, you can manage all your tasks and projects under a single login. As long as all your clients are using Taskopia for task management of course!


Projects on Taskopia come in three different flavours. Public projects (and the tasks contained within them) are viewable by any members of the team. Private projects are only accessible to the project owner, making them ideal for personal task lists. Custom projects allow access to only selected team members; perfect for managing specific projects without the need to create an entire new team.

Project Example

As well as different access levels, nesting of projects is fully supported and Taskopia employs the same unconvoluted logic for project management as in all other parts of the system (for example you can't nest a public project under a private project).


At the heart of Taskopia is the task management screen. Here you can create and edit tasks within any of your projects; the task filters make it easy to only look at the tasks you're interested in currently. You can create tasks which rich HTML descriptions and set due dates and priority levels, quickly and easily.

Tasks Example

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and that's why Taskopia allows you to add visual sketches to any task, right from within the application. You can of course upload supporting files to any task also.

Tasks ExampleTasks Example

It's often useful to break larger tasks into sub-tasks and Taskopia let's you do that too. Add unlimited sub-tasks to any parent task and tick them off once complete.

Tasks Example

Taskopia features a full comment engine to allow team members to comment on tasks. Use @reply's to tag fellow team members in comments, triggering an online alert.

Tasks Example


Taskopia is designed to be incredibly simple to use; that includes the pricing. Taskopia costs just £2.50 (approx $3.44 / €2.82) per user per team per month, with a minimum monthly charge of £10.00 (approx $13.78 / €11.29) per team. We bill monthly in GBP on the 1st of each month based on the maximum number of users recorded the previous month. One price gives access to all features and all future updates, it really is as simple (and as cheap) as that.