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About Us

Keeping it simple

Taskopia was born out of a desire for simplicity. We searched and searched for an ultra simple online task management system; all we wanted to do was manage a team (in the same hierarchical way the team is managed in the real world) and track the projects and tasks of each member. We couldn't find it. There are a fantastical number of huge and advanced project management systems out there, all of which have hundreds of features we didn't need and all of which are seemingly built by engineers, for engineers. That's not what we wanted. We wanted a system so simple that literally anyone with a computer could learn every features in three minutes, regardless of their skill set. Our experience of managing real world teams drove us to create an incredibly simple task management system and Taskopia is the result.

Ever wonder if less is more?

Many online project management systems work on the basis that the more features they include, the better. At Taskopia we think in exactly the opposite way; the simpler we can make a task management system that works for real users, the better. We're not afraid of big chunky buttons and clear signposting; at all stages of building Taskopia we've prioritised usability and speed over visual frills.

About the team

Taskopia is built and run by a very small and dedicated team in the UK with no external funding. It's not easy competing with far larger and better funded companies, but what drives us is our continuing desire to make Taskopia the simplest task management system in existence.