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Making task management simple

Fed up of overblown project and task management systems? Taskopia cuts out the excess and focuses on what teams really need.

Manage your projects

Manage multiple projects and tasks with consummate ease; Taskopia provides all the features you need and none of those you don't. Assign team members to tasks in seconds and set deadlines and priority levels. One login allows you to be a member of multiple teams.

Manage your team

Taskopia recreates the hierarchical structure of your business, allowing you to effectively manage teams of any size. Have a rapidly growing team or temporary external resource? No problem. Add and remove team members at any time, wherever they're based.

Manage your budget

Often simple doesn't equate to affordable, but with Taskopia it really does! Our task management system costs just £2.50 per user per month (approx $3.47 / €2.83) for access to all features. Our simple pricing is billed monthly and it's FREE to create an account.

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Create a free account today and if you don't like Taskopia, you can easily delete your account at any time. But if you like ultra simple project and task management for teams, we think you'll like what you find.

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